February 2016 Meeting Minutes

February 3rd VALA Meeting Minutes 2016


President began the meeting at 9:00am

We had proof of quorum of 12 county delegates including VALA board.

Minutes for the January 6TH Directors meeting were brought forward- approved.


-Secretary amended the January 6th General Meeting minutes for an

incorrect comment


Minutes for the January 6th General meeting were brought forward- approved.



New e-mails were created for all county delegates and board members.

If you need help getting into them contact Todd.



Will all e-mails be private or can anyone access them?



All new e-mails will be accessed by logins for each delegate and will

be accessible through personal e-mails. Not everyone will be able to

see them.


***If anyone has any more ideas for the website please contact Todd***


Town Fair-

Looking to have education for select board members so they can

better understand Listers/Assessors jobs.



Why isn’t there a Lister on the VLCT executive board?



Lister is not on the list for board members but can be added by VLCT

if we would like to see one there.


There was a suggestion to create a letter to the state to get a Lister on the board.


Annual Meeting-

. Lake Morey Monday September 19th .

. Looking at a $15.00 fee per person to offset the amount of the space.

. Same room as last year – Fit everyone comfortably including

keeping vendors in the same area.


. Looking at raising vendor fees as well.

. 150 dollars per vender- includes ads on the VALA website for exposure.

. Looking for sponsors as well.



. Don’t make venders pay too much they may not want to come back.

. Should charge sponsors.

. 15 dollars may be too much for VALA members and may discourage new members from coming.

. Majority thinks $15.00 is a great price

. Should open up advertising on website to all venders’ not just one’s at

the meeting.

. Make sure VALA states that they don’t favor vendors that place

ads over one’s who don’t.



Should we call it a meeting or a conference?


(Conference is more along the lines of business and may bring in more people)


Christy Wright- is our new Southern DA Supervisor

Doug Lay- is the Northern DA Supervisor


There was a lengthy discussion on The Equalization study.


There will be an e-mail going out from Tom Vickery for information on R2 sales in Current Use including excluded lands.


It was suggested to put it on the list serve.


10:00 Break for 10 minutes


10:10 meeting began


-Advanced CAMA class is coming

-New Lister tutorials (check NEMRC website.)


There was more discussion on leased land valuation. Once PVR/VALA is on board with this information it will be sent out for all to read.


The Miscellaneous Tax Changes-


Big discussion on hearing Officers-


.  Thinking about making hearing officers a board of

educated persons (Valuation Appeals Board) on value, instead of

going to Supreme Court.
Looking into making Lister education FREE!!!!!



. What if money runs out?

. Who gets to go to these classes when money gets low?

. What if the money doesn’t get spent and the state

lowers the budget?

. What about classes for different systems? (Such as Patriot vs CAMA)

. Do the scholarships that are being given include out of state training?

. Do the scholarships include air fare and lodging?


There was a motion to Support the Free education




Motion was passed


VALA needs to make sure when people sign up for classes they show up. It’s not fair for the ones who couldn’t get in because the spots were filled.





There was a motion to change Section 8 of the miscellaneous tax changes of the hearing officers from “shall inspect the property” to “may inspect the property”


Tom- First

Bruce- second

2 Nays

Majority rules

Motion Passed


There was a motion for VALA to support and help PVR develop a

Valuation Appeals Board.


Camilla- First

Tom- Second

Motion Passed


It was asked that all county delegates ask all towns to give questions for the next

meeting if they cannot come.


Discussed how to improve current structure-


. CLA’s between .95% and 1.05 % would be called 1.0%

anything outside these would mean reappraisal.

. Make Lister education mandatory and restructure

the courses to meet all levels. Especially new listers.

. Must have a certified Lister to sign off on the Grand List.

. Mandatory certification of elected officials.

 . 8 year time limit to update property record cards.

. Be able to track sales on all properties.

. 5 year rolling reappraisal.

(Big Cost, How would we do that?)

. Could some towns education districts be merged for tax purposes?


All of these structure conditions are ONLY SUGGESTIONS. They may never happen.






. To get education for select board members, BCA, and other elected officers.

. The select board should be required to complete a BCA course.


Mandatory certification of elected officials seemed to be greatly supported.


Ending Note– Current Use Valuation e-mails went out. Look for them.


Motion to adjourn

Todd- First



Meeting ended 12:00pm

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