January 6, 2016 Directors and General Meeting minutes

VALA Bi-Monthly Directors Meeting

Minutes for January 6th, 2016


President Todd Leblanc opened the Directors meeting at 9:00 am.

We had Proof of Quorum with 16 total delegates and board members.

Secretary’s minutes were brought forward and approved

There was a Committee Review. Todd reviewed all committees and their members. (* SEE COMMITTEE SHEET *)

Annual Meeting Committee-

Possible Annual Meeting destinations:

.  Three Stallion Inn

.  The Ethan Allen

.  Town Fair

Education Committee-

Michelle Wilson and Lisa Truchon are looking into classes for 2016 and taking

ideas for the Education Committee.

Treasures Committee-

Looking into possibly using quick books for easy maintenance of the treasurers report and

also looking into getting a credit card for the organization. The Secretary will add the

Treasurers report into the bi-monthly minutes instead of reviewing them every meeting

and reviewing the final report at year end.

Legislative Committee-

Randy Viens is looking for someone to join the Committee to go to the State House and

gather information for VALA.

Membership Committee-

John Fike is looking for more members for this Committee! Looking to get something

out to draw people into joining VALA.

Newsletter and Website Committee-

Todd Leblanc and Jeremiah Sund will be working on the Website and

Newsletter they will be working on getting board members individual e-mails for easy

transition for new board members. VALA is going to put advertising on the site as well.

John Fidero, from Global Foundries, will be the new website consultant. Looking for monies to

pay him, then we will be on our way!

Taxing Properties on leased land Committee-

                                      How to value properties on leased land. This Committee is looking for guidance on the best

way to do this.

Bi-Monthly Meetings-

Todd is looking into changing the months for the VALA Bi-Monthly meetings for convenience.

.  Should we keep it the same?

.  Should we make them the even months?

.  Should we add a meeting?


Also, The meetings will now begin at 9:00am instead of 9:30am.

Todd briefly spoke on the Letter to Condon that was sent out to everyone. If you did not receive it, It is attatched to this e-mail.


                   The delegates are asking for a summary report from all committee’s to see what’s going on so they can

Relay the information in a more orderly and organized fashion to other towns.

John Vickery suggested that all the information be put on the website for easy reference so everyone could see it. It would be the best way to find dates, places, times, and to get information and agendas.

Michelle Wilson suggested we create a master e-mail to place all the information.

John Fike wants to send all memberships to personal e-mails.

Tom Vickery asked to make only one way to get information. Too many places may cause issues. One way is the best way!  J

*** PLEASE ***   Make sure Todd has ALL your e-mails so no one is left out.


VALA Bi-Monthly General Meeting

Minutes for January 6th, 2016

President Tod Leblanc opened the General Meeting at 9:30 am.

Secretary’s Minutes from November 4th were brought forward and approved.

Maura Carroll- spoke on some updates:

.   Current Use will get updates on Audits. Do we want to make sure all information from

any appeals for tax exemptions go to PVR, not the BCA?

.   February 10th is Local Government Day. Brochures are finalized and ready.

Todd spoke To Carroll about the Town Fair for 2016-2017 if it would be open for VALA to join. Someone will be working on a survey for a two day event. One day with the board and the next day for education. The Town Fair is in October in Essex, the first Thursday of the month. If we cannot do it this year, VALA could at least be there for advertising. The question of why VALA isn’t on the Government board was brought up. Maura Carroll is going to look up statutes to see if it is prohibited. Randy Viens is on the Town Fair Committee so VALA does have a voice.

Tom Vickery questioned if there was enough space for VALA members to join. Maura was going to see what the accommodations would hold.

Pat French- spoke on property tax exemptions. He would like to see PVR handle them. 250 towns with attorneys are costly. It would make it easier more and consistent and if they were to take it over.

Randy Viens- If this is how we want to do it just remember we still need to be involved for specific information for the state.

Chris Miele-  Be careful what you ask for. If PVR takes it over it’s their way or no way….

Doug Lay- How often does this happen? Do you really want to give this to PVR?

Robert Vickery- Described a situation in Colchester that took 5 years in court. Town-vs-Tax Dept. two parties disagreed and has been a long term issue. A lot of money was lost. Many towns are different in how they handle some exemptions. It would be nice if they were all done the same way.

Doug Farnum– An e-mail will go out for the December 31st date for Current Use extensions. The extensions need to go to the select board then the state will automatically be granted because in March, PVR sends the Grand List to the state for finalization. PVR took on a lot for Current use/ Audits and are working with the towns to cover the costs. January 15th is the deadline.

Should we send paper copies of the 411’s or send them by e-mail? Many different opinions….

            Michelle Wilson- Why Paper? Because it’s always good to have a backup. You can encounter computer glitches

or something may not transmit correctly or not at all. Paper is the best reference.

            John Fike- Technology is the way of the future and we need to embrace it.

            Tom Vickery- Paper is Proof!

            Louise- brought up some issues with Homestead Declarations being filed but not being on the down loads.

            Chris Miele- *** Please*** contact the state with these issues so they know what’s going on and these mistakes

won’t happen again. You can get state printouts of Homestead Declarations and a 411 can

still be printed. Check the reports carefully. If Current Use is not loaded you cannot print a 411.

There are still 54 applications in Current Use left to be approved. All easy outs are done.

Please send all values to Current Use so the state can close out.

Current Use audits are still ongoing. 1st Town is finished and hopefully a report will go out to those towns in the spring then to all other towns after. There were more allocation issues than anything else. Current Use doesn’t go into the Errors and Omissions but putting them in the G.L is a great reference. Please pass all extensions information on to your town Clerk so he/she knows what’s going on.

.  When will purged files actually be purged in Current Use?

              Michelle Wilson- The purged files are the very last thing they take care of in Current Use. They won’t leave

the list until the very last minute.

.  If the purged files are pending will they still load?

              Chris Miele- Check the report and make sure everything matches the applications. Verify each parcel.

Adam Grisham- Property Valuation on leased land is still being discussed. Still working on a more consistent

way of dealing with this. Looking at camps on leased land. Mobile homes landed in parks

and camps are different than moveable mobile homes. VALA and PVR are working

together without legislative involvement.

PVR are looking to make property inspections discretionary to the Hearing Officer. PVR are still open to investigations on the Hearing Officers and the structure of their jobs.

PVR Annual Report will be shared with VALA for final review.

Chris Miele for NEMRC gave a rough schedule of classes:

.  February- Microsolve/CAMA class

.  March- Grand List Seminar

.  Webinar on Parcel Transfers (Call NEMRC for Details)

Looking to have Education for Listers.

Christy Wright wants you to look at how you’re valuing your excluded land for Current Use. This is the perfect time to fix any issues!

Meeting took a 15 minute break from 10:30 to 10:45

Todd Leblanc went over all of the Committees.  (See Committee List Attachment)

Property on leased Land-

It was suggested that we create an advisory board for changes. Final review will go to

VALA then PVR.

Education Committee-

Michelle Wilson relayed a rough course schedule.

.  TOEC-Current Use course by Christy Wright and Lisa Truchon

.  TOEC- Case Study on Appeals by Ed Clodfelter

.  May 13th– How to Prepare for Appeals by John Fike

.  August 9th and 10th IAAO- Mathematics for Appraisers.  (NOT A VPA) you will need a scientific calculator.

Christy Wright suggested to make an elective calendar for classes so the teachers know what’s open to them.

Jill Remick is the new PVR Education Director.

Tom Vickery would like to see a more effective study for smaller towns. He had a spread sheet handout. ( Please see Toms form attached) He feels selective reappraisals would keep up with equalization.

Randy Viens- Not much is going on in Legislature. Current Use advisory board is to set Current Use rates and are extending dates to complete this task.

Property tax adjustment committee- Legislature wants to change how to do property tax adjustments. They are looking into changing assessment dates from April 1st to December 1st.

February abstract is still in the works.

Todd Leblanc made mention that this is a study and will take time. There are a lot of pros and cons to changing the dates.

Lister of the Year Committee-

*** Please read the criteria carefully before submitting a nomination***


Chris Miele announced that Noel Walker was the new chair for the committee.

Newsletter and Website Committee-

Todd Leblanc announced that Jeramiah Sund will be working with him on this committee.

Phyllis Hayward will be also helping with brochures and memberships.

Michelle Wilson suggested having a membership table at the TOEC.

Penny Allen spoke to John Fidora, the new website IT, on the inner workings of the website. Once we have money to set up the site, he will work on all of the new changes we have planned.

Annual Meeting Committee- (See Camilla Roberts annual meeting minutes attached).

The Annual Meeting will be in September with no Bi-Monthly meeting. Still working on where the meeting will be held this year. VALA is looking to set the budget so accommodate the prices for most places. Lake Morey was expensive at $4000.00.  VALA is looking for venders to offset the cost. The venders were very appreciative of being included in the meeting last year.

February open meeting during Legislative week- it will be the first Wednesday in February and we need at least 10 Delegates in attendance.

Meeting Adjourned at 11:40am

Committee meetings followed adjournment

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