Vermont Assessors & Listers Association

2015 Annual Meeting Minutes

9:00     Annual Meeting called to order.

Agenda reviewed, Calcutta explained, Committees introduced and gave brief updates.

9:30     Business meeting

President’s message

Finance report

Motion to approve budget by Lisa, 2nd John, passed unanimous

Bylaw change –

Mission statement changed to read:

The Vermont Assessors and Listers Association’s mission it to advocate for the recognition of Listers and Assessors as qualified property valuation authorities throughout Vermont.

Vision statement to read:

The Vermont Assessors and Listers Association’s vision is to continue the advancement of fair and equitable property assessment standards through continuing education and member support for all property valuation professionals, in conjunction with advocating for fair and equitable taxation practices as it relates to property assessment.

Motion to approve mission and vision statements by Louise, 2nd Camilla, passed unanimous

Slate of officers presented as approved at last monthly meeting:

President                      Todd LeBlanc

Vice President             Camilla Roberts

Secretary                       Tamsin Coon

Treasurer                      Bob Vickery

Motion to approve officers by Louise, 2nd Joyce, passed unanimous

9:50     Business meeting closed.

10:00   Morning break – election of county delegates

10:15   Morning Speakers:

Douglas Farnham – PVR

John Fike – Presidents message

Christy Wright, Terry Gildersleeve – PVR

Leslie Pelch – VCGI

Linda MacDonald– Warren Group

10:50   Workshop – Wells & septic system regulations

Richard Wilson & Carl Fuller

11:40   Break for Lunch

12:45   Keynote Speaker

Steve Jeffrey

1:00     Workshop – Independent appraisers approach to value and conservation easements.

Robert Lamprey

1:45     Lister Forum

State hearing officers

3:00     Annual meeting closes

Minutes provided by VALA President Todd LeBlanc

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