VALA Bi-Monthly Directors Meeting

Minutes for November 4, 2015


President Todd Leblanc opened the Directors Meeting at 9:00 am with the introduction of new board members:


CAMILLA ROBERTS-Vice president



JOHN FIKE-Most recent past president

The secretary counted the County Representatives to determine if a quorum had been met.  All counties were accounted for except for Addison, Caledonia and Grand Isle counties.

The Board of Directors Meeting Minutes for July 8th was passed as well as the July 8th General Meeting Minutes.


John Vickery presented the latest financial statement and Annual Meeting Budget.

. Venders have not yet been totaled and the treasurer is still receiving money.

. Scholarships have been added with a total of $1,050.00.

. There was a question on postage and bulk mailings not having a line item.  Postage will have its own line item and bulk mailings will be listed under Marketing.


(For the totals of the budget see the VALA budget handout attached)  See attached link  Copy of Peoples Bank 2016


Education Report-Michelle Wilson was introduced as the Chair of the Education Committee.

She is setting a tentative schedule of the 2016 courses for IAAO, TOEC, and VALA. She’s looking into a class, Case Study of Appeals from a Listers Perspective, through TOEC.


Randy Viens, on the Legislative Committee, spoke about a current use study on specific data whether or not to hold harmless accounts that are inaccurate.

Todd LeBlanc and Randy Viens are looking for volunteers to help out and are willing to market VALA.  They are looking into setting up a VALA display sometime in February in the Legislative spectrum for exposure.


Todd Leblanc verified the passing of the budget for 2015-2016 and that a list of Delegates will go out via E-mail.


Penny Allyn gave a brief update on the Membership, Newsletter and Website.

. She is looking at a new contract for the website.

. There are currently 285 members, 36 new members, 104 towns, 11 new towns, and 15 professional memberships.  Current total membership dues including vendors fees is $5995.00 (VALA only short $5.00 to reach year end goal of $6000.00!!!

. She is still looking for the Certification list so she can update the designation list.

. Penny is currently looking for someone to take over the VALA website.  Interested persons should contact Penny Allyn.


New Business

Todd LeBlanc suggested a new program to keep track of the budget, possibly, Quick Books. It’s easy to use and some versions are inexpensive.

There was discussion on the Warren Group calling and asking for information. Michelle Wilson reminded us to remember, your data is public data. It’s your choice to ask for payment for the information.  Groups like the Warren Group will pay the fee if you ask them. There were some issues with sending the information because some info is new. NEMRC will work with the Listers to freeze CAMA to make it easier to send out the large files. Call NEMRC for more information.

The Warren Group donated $100.00 to VALA to be used for Scholarships or Education, whichever VALA chooses. This is why vendors are welcomed to display their companies at the VALA Annual Meetings.

Todd brought up the topic of changing the Directors Meeting and the General meetings so that they are not so repetitive. Some ideas that were suggested are the following:

. Create an Executive Board to approve what was discussed at the end of the meeting.

. The Secretary could take an early poll for quicker votes on some discussions after the meeting online.

. Combining the Directors and the General Meetings into one and designate times that each group can participate. This way everyone can hear ALL the information at once.

. Any and all ideas are welcomed. Todd LeBlanc will look into the Open Meeting Bi-Laws to make sure the meetings can be changed.


Meeting was adjourned at 10:15am.

Minutes prepared by Tamsin Coon

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