President John Fike requested a count of county delegates to determine proof of quorum.   Representatives from every county except for Addison, Grand Isle, Orange, and Orleans were present.

Motions were passed to accept the Secretary’s Minutes from the previous VALA Bi-Monthly Meeting.  The minutes are now on the VALA website.

Treasurer Pauline Moore presented the latest financial statement and reported a balance of $14,265.20 as of June 30, 2015.

  • Treasurer noted that the budget line items were not always in balance, however overall financial picture was very good.
  • Scholarship reserve is down $50.00 due to monies returned for cancelled class.
  • Treasurer reported at this time last year VALA had received $775.00 in membership dues and that presently this year VALA has received $2,780.00 in membership dues.
  • Annual Budget ending June 30, 2015 estimated $4,500.00 for membership dues. Actual money collected for Membership Dues was $5,810.00 (an increase of $1,310.00). John Fike stated his goal was to increase monies from membership dues to $6,000.00.
  • The expense associated with recruitment efforts by President John Fike and Membership Chair Penny Allyn (brochure, letter, postage) was $160.00. Results of efforts have resulted in an increase in 5 new membership towns and 19 new members (monies increase $250.00).
  • The VALA Annual Meeting will be held at Lake Morey in Fairly on September 18th with an anticipated attendance of 90 members.
  • VALA members discussed creating a stipend reimbursement on behalf of county delegates.   The current stipend for Board and Committee Members will also be increased for work being done on behalf of VALA. Need to look to the future as VALA grows and increase operating structure because of work involved.   Current mileage budget of $500.00 increased to $750.00. Unsure if this budgeted amount will be sufficient or not but can review and adjust as VALA continues to grow.
  • Website monies need to be put aside for future changes to website and also look at stipend for time when VALA will need to hire someone to maintain the website. Current management of website is being done by Membership Chair Penny Allyn at no cost. Website line item increased from $200.00 to $400.00.
  • The VALA Board (name changes) will need to be updated this year following the Annual Meeting. It is time to set up a reserve account for items such as these now that VALA has grown in membership and visibility.

Motions were passed to accept the financial report.

Education Committee John Vickery suggested it was time to start helping individual counties with training.  President John Fike stated that VALA needed to develop a plan.  He stated he does not like the name Lister any longer since the work of a Lister is much different now (solar, covenants, etc.) than from years past.

Treasurer Pauline Moore proposed creation of regional meetings because towns are not always able to come to the Bi-Monthly Meetings.   Suggested Board Members go out with local delegates.  Look to set-up fee/mileage ahead of time if this is something VALA would support.  She also suggested that a committee be set-up.

Vice President Todd LeBlanc suggested setting aside $100.00 per county for mileage reimbursement to Delegates.   Committee would be named County Outreach Committee.  Need to determine what are is VALA looking to do?  Need approximately a year to develop program.

President John Fike suggested VALA set up a prudent reserve fund.  Need to identify reserve and how much to set aside.

Motion was made to revise the budget to reflect increase in web site maintenance, mileage reimbursement, and monies for County Out Reach Program.  $9,800.00 expense/income approved.   from $10,456.23 to reflect cost increase for website, $400 for web site and $1,600.00 for mileage reimbursements for work on behalf of VALA.  Motion to revise budget of $9,800.00 was approved.

President John Fike distributed his farewell letter.  He did a brief review of VALA’s accomplishments over the past 6 years.

Discussed Steve Jeffries wish for VALA not to buy him another plaque/dinner as farewell gift on his retirement from VLCT.  He does know of the award, is honored and very appreciative.  He would rather VALA do something to recognize him.  Therefore it was suggested that:

  • A Steve Jeffries Educational Grant be proposed in the amount of $250.00.
  • Grant money would be set aside each year to be awarded to the Lister of the Year recipient.
  • Felt it would give more value to the Lister of the Year and be a good way to recognize Steve Jeffries 37 years of service.
  • Would raise VALA’s profile.
  • Amount would be paid directly to the recipient’s town for reimbursement of education costs.
  • Pauline Moore felt it would also stimulate more interest in the” Lister of the Year Award”.
  • Need to market this grant to town officials as part of the “Lister of the Year Award”.
  • Motion was made to accept concept of education grant.

Vice President Todd LeBlanc reviewed VALA’s Mission Statement and input generated at the last VALA Meeting.  A revised Mission Statement and Vision Statement were distributed.  Mission Statement should say who we are and what we do.  Todd researched NH/IAAO to view their Mission Statement.  Discovered it was not easy to come up with a Mission and Vision Statement.    The following is the result of all this research:

Vermont Assessors and Listers Association Mission Statement is to advocate for the recognition of Listers and Assessors as qualified property valuation authorities throughout Vermont.

Vermont Assessors and Listers Association Vision  is to continue the advancement of fair and equitable property assessment standards through continuing education and member support for all property professionals, in conjunction with advocating for fair and equitable taxation practices as it relates to property assessment.

Motion was made and accepted to accept the revised Mission Statement and the new Vision Statement.

President John Fike distributed the proposed slate of Officers.  He stated it was a good list of candidates and feels VALA will have new and fresh ideas from this group.  Motion was made to accept these officers at VALA’s Annual Meeting (members can vote individually or as slate of officers at the annual meeting).

This year members questioned the need for two meetings in the month of September (Bi-Monthly and Annual Meeting) and therefore this year VALA will not have a Bi-Monthly Meeting in September, just the Annual Meeting.

Meeting adjourned at 10:12 am.

Minutes respectfully submitted by,

Penny Allyn, VALA Membership Chair

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