VALA Board of Directors Meeting

November 12, 2014


VALA President John Fike opened the meeting by confirming there was a quorum of county delegates present.

Membership Chair Penny Allyn sent out brochures and information to those members who have not renewed their members for 2014-2015.  New Delegates were given the news that Penny Allyn will be sending out an email to all delegates with membership information for their counties.

There were no minutes of the September meeting to approve.  The Annual Meeting Minutes will be approved at the 2015 Annual Meeting.

Pauline Moore Treasurer’s Report:  The bank Balance is $12,346.32.  Final cost and revenue for the Ratio Study Course will be in the January 2015 Report.  Joyce Scribner made motion to approve the Treasurers Report.  Motion was approved.

Vice Presidents Todd LeBlanc comments: Nothing major at this time.

John Vickery Education Report:  The Ratio Studies Class was held last week and went well.    Feedback from the class was carpool information for future classes prior to the class starting date.  There was positive feedback regarding the instructor who also conducts an Excel Class (not sponsored by IAAO).  Discussion followed about prior experience with an Excel class, what can be improved from past mistakes, and if VALA should consider this class.  Todd LaBlanc commented that IAAO home study class is available.  CD’s can be purchased.

Tom Vickery Legislative Report:  Hot topic was the State Wide Education Tax Formula, and if we should continue with two tax rates; Homestead and Non Residential, or return to a single tax rate?  Tom suggested it may be time for VALA to look at it, and make recommendations.  Question raised was do we want to be involved in this discussion and form a committee for further discussion.  Legislation has two bigger issues, Health Care and the Education Tax.  This began a discussion of positive Lister involvement in the Solar Energy Legislation.  This brought up an addition discussion regarding Solar Farms valuation.  Consensus was that there is not enough data on Solar Farms at this time.  Listers should be aware of solar installations in their respective towns.  If Listers have questions, they can bring these to a future VALA meeting for discussion.  Randy Veins Essex Assessor is now the Lister Member on the Current Use Advisory Board appointed by the Governor.

Actions by VALA President John Fike:

  • Appointed Lisa Truchon and Robin Chapman to the the Audit Committee.
  • Appointed Todd LeBlanc, John Vickery, and Lisa Truchon to the Annual Meeting Committee.

Todd LeBlanc will continue the transition process as Vice President. Penny Allyn reviewed the statistical analysis for each of the Annual Survey questions and comments.  Handouts were provided.  It was suggested to have the survey available the day of the Annual Meeting.  Also, it was asked that we have a cost comparison of the Annual Meeting compared to years past.

Todd said the Agenda for the Annual Meeting was changed due to late the arrival by PVR for the Lister Certification Awards.

The Fall Newsletter is on the website.  If you want to receive a copy of the newsletter sent to your home email address, please notify Penny Allyn with your home email address.

It was suggested that it is time for VALA to have its own email address.  This suggestion will be explored.

Lisa Truchon moved to adjourn meeting and it was seconded and passed.

Meeting adjourned 10:00am


Minutes respectfully submitted by,

Mimi Burstein, VALA Secretary


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