VALA President’s Report March 2014

Legislative Committee – VALA is extremely fortunate to have a very effective advocacy team to represent the interests of Vermont Listers. Randy Viens, Tom Vickery, and Todd Leblanc have spent many hours in Montpelier testifying on pending legislation, members of committees to help form legislation language, and as a resource to explain the impact of pending legislation.

Outlined below is a brief summary of their work:

  • Solar Energy-members of the committee to develop language for solar energy bill on valuation and taxation criteria.
  • Subsidized Housing – Valuation criteria and other parts of bill language.
  • Current Use-Testifying on language to preserve the sustainability of the program.
  • PVR-Building a dialogue on methods to improve the equalization study.

A more detailed explanation of their work is important to all listers. The committee will give their report in the general meeting rather than in the Board of Directors meeting.  I know everyone will recognize their efforts for VALA.

Education- The 2014 Lister education season is beginning. PVR has announced their New Lister Class, John Vickery is planning a VALA August IAAO class, and Chris Meile from NEMRC will be announcing his spring software class. Todd LeBlanc and John Vickery are working on the TOEC Spring Workshop agenda. I have also asked John Vickery to set-up a meeting of the education stake holder to develop a three-year education plan. This plan will allow listers to budget their education funds.

VALA 2014-2015 Membership- Penny Allyn and I will be developing an aggressive spring marketing plan to contact every town Listers’ office with VALA literature on the benefits and services their memberships support.

Upcoming committee assignments– We will need a nominating committee to have a slate of officers for the 2014 Annual Meeting- No one has come forward to run for Secretary (Carol Hammond is retiring). We need to assign the committee at the May meeting. We will also need to assign an audit committee in May.

The By- Laws need to be reviewed, and that committee’s membership is already established.

Guest– We will have an IAAAO representative from NH at our member meeting:

Richard Vincent, CNHA

IAAO Chapter and Affiliates Committee

Real Estate Appraiser II, Assessing Dept.

City of Lebanon, NH

Has your office?

  • Downloaded 2014 Homestead declarations
  • Made appointments with abutting towns with common properties to establish common value
  • Contacted exempt parcel owners for values to enter in your 2014 GL
  • Backed up your NEMRC and CAMA data on a regular basis
  • Updated your NEMRC versions
  • Contacted your Representative and State Senator on lister issues
  • Set up your spring inspection schedule

I am looking forward to seeing everyone on March 5th. “Think Spring”

John Fike VALA President

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