When VALA Secretary Carol Hammond received the agendas she  wondered why they were sent so early until she looked at the calendar and realized the meeting is a week away. We could not believe how fast the month of August disappeared.

PennyAllyn, Membership Chair has been busy with the summer newsletter and 2013-2014 memberships. She will have a report on the 4th.   If you have not mailed your town’s dues, do it now and save time at the annual meeting.  Penny also is updating the web site on a continuous basis.

I have spent time travelling back and forth to Montpelier to attend various meetings. I sent the Board a summary of our meeting with the tax Commissioner on the Homestead extension time table.

On August 20th the VALA Group of five met with a PVR group to discuss equalization studies. A wide range of topics was covered including the work of Tom Vickery. No specific actions were taken but everyone’s position was presented and discussed. The conclusion of the meeting was for PVR to get back to VALA a list of the areas in which they are sympathetic to our position for future discussion.. One interesting item, when Bill Smith ran his state-wide statistical analysis for the past eleven years of equalization information, he could not identify any volatility factor from the expanding or contracting real estate cycles. The larger towns may mask the results. We suggested running the number again using smaller towns (under 1000 parcel)s. It was a collegial meeting and we will meet again.

Outlined below is a tentative meeting schedule I will be attending:

  • On August 28th I will be a member of a legislative study committee reviewing tax exempt buildings
  • October 8th or 9th the tax commissioner’s committee will meet again
  • November 5th the a solar energy  committee will meet again

VALA is certainly above the radar and recognized throughout the State.

The nominating committee will have a report with the slate of officers for the Board’s approval to be presented at the annual meeting.

The Lister of The Year committee selected the 2013 recipient and the town has been notified.

The 2013-2014 Budget will be distributed for discussion and approved for the annual meeting.

I have not heard from the audit committee. Hopefully they will have a report on the 4th.

There is a very full agenda for the annual meeting. Two featured speakers, presentation from Current Use o

n the new application forms, a short message from the New England Assessors Organization, and our business meeting.

“Your VALA Organization is On the Move”

John Fike

John Fike, VALA President

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