VALA President’s Board of Directors Report July 2013

You are receiving my report early because I will be on vacation at the end of June and there are a number of items that need your attention on or before the July 10th meeting.

New MembersThe first e-mailing on new member information has been sent to you. The week of June 10th you will receive the non-member towns in your county. Each member of the Board of Directors need to use the information provided to you to initiate a game plan for soliciting new memberships for the 2013-2014 fiscal year. Your organization has accomplished a number of successes that benefited all Vermont Listers and Assessors, so spread the word to the non-member towns.

Annual AuditVALA’s fiscal year ends June 30th.  We are using best business practices by having Penny handle the membership accounts receivable and Don handling the accounts payable, and the financial statements. We will need three Board members or alternates to serve as an Audit Committee to review Penny’s and Don’s work to prepare a report for the September Board and Annual meeting.  Please e-mail me or Carol if you are willing to serve on this committee. The audit should not take too much time to complete. Penny and Don are well organized and have good records.

Nominating CommitteeWe will need three Board members or alternates to serve on a nominating committee to prepare a slate of candidates for President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer.  The slate will be voted on at the Annual meeting. The Nominee for Vice President should be a member who has time to work with the president to be in line to be nominated for the VALA President position. Again, e-mail me or Carol if you are willing to serve on this committee.

Finance Committee- I have not been able to energize a Finance Committee during the current fiscal year. This organization needs to develop a short term and long term action plan that will keep VALA  growing and financially viable for the short and long term. Issues such as, prudent reserves, and broadening our revenue base, are just two of a number of areas that need to be addressed. We need five Board members or alternates to serve on this committee. Again, please e-mail me or Carol if you are able serve on this committee. My Goal is to have the Vice President Chair this committee after the annual meeting.

Lister of the Year- The committee will be selecting the 2013 lister of the year after the July meetinh. We already have a number of recommended listers to be considered for the award.


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