The meeting was called to order at 9:07 a.m. by President John Fike.  Twenty towns and 10 counties were represented.

The Secretary’s report was accepted on a motion by Don Sweetser.  The motion was seconded and passed.

Financial Report–Don Sweetser has a written report available and he commented on budget and expenditures.  The Treasurer’s report was accepted on a motion by Penny Allyn.  The motion was seconded and passed.

John Fike reported that no one had responded to the requests for committee members.

Audit Committee:  need 2 people to work with Don and Penny.  Most of the work can be done by e-mail.  Lisa Truchon and Robin Chapman volunteered to serve.

Nominating Committee: need 2-3 people, and John will work with the committee–Gussie Graves and Charlie Mason volunteered.

Finance Committee:  John gave a brief explanation as to the direction he would like to see the Finance Committee taking.  There is a need to maintain momentum–how can enthusiasm be generated.  Perhaps the name should be change to Planning Committee, either a short or long term;  people seem to be scared off by the “Finance” name.  Most of the work could be done by e-mail which would solve the problem of taking time from work and traveling a distance to meet.

Lister of the Year:  A lot of names were submitted.  Format for the information is not followed, will need to change for next year.

Annual Meeting:  September 20, 2013. The speaker will be Ben Vicere, Assistant Forester whose topic will be, “The Other Side of Current Use–the Forester.”  The afternoon session speaker will be Attorney Charles Merriman whose topic will be “Reinvigorating TOEC–The Role of VALA.”  Also, the president of the northeast equivalent of IAAO will give a brief speech on the Northeast Assessing Association.

A future locale for the Annual Meeting was discussed–a central location is needed with air conditioning and technical capabilities and a reasonable cost.

Year end reports will be given at the Annual Meeting.

Legislative Committee:  no one present from that committee but John briefly addressed the following subjects:

  • Current Use–another summer study committee to look at possible changes
  • Continued taxation of travel trailers
  • H.406 passed which gives towns the authority to hire an assessor if no Listers run for the job
  • State billing and collection of education tax didn’t pass
  • Colchester court case re:  lake front property–fair market value prevailed.  The press release and court decision will be published in the summer newsletter.
  • State has no money to help towns with appeals costs

On August 20, the “Gang of Five” comprised of Tom and John Vickery, John Fike, Randy Viens, and Ed Clodfelter will be meeting with PVR to discuss dealing with a declining market, and asking if PVR has seen anomalies around the state as a result of the declining market.  There is a whole different set of criteria in a “down” market as opposed to an “up” market.  They also want to discuss the relevance of the existing property categories.  Babs Lynde mentioned a problem she has been having–a low income housing organization or a land trust will buy a house and land and sell it back to low income people at a discounted price, and then want the appraisal lowered to that discounted price.  This of course affects the CLA.  John will bring this up at the meeting with PVR.

Education Committee:  John Vickery summarized his year end report listing educational opportunities from NEMRC, VALA, PVR and TOEC’S.  Several scholarships were requested this year.  PVR is doing a great job with classes.  An IAAO two day class on depreciation will be held October 22-23 but thus far, no one has responded.  If there are not enough respondents to hold the class, we may have to consider doing cheaper, one day, in-house classes.  Information on the class will be going out soon.

There was discussion on what classes need to be taken for certification and for what level.  John Vickery suggested a five year plan for education.

Membership”  Penny reported that towns  are becoming VALA members have never belonged before.  There are now a total of 36 towns, 92 Listers, and 1 Professional memberships.

Website:  There were fewer people looking at the website in the last couple of months, but a third of these were new hits.

The meeting adjourned at 10:00 a.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Carol Hammond, Secretary









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