The Bi-Monthly Meeting was called to order by President John Fike at approximately 10:30 a.m. with 28 in attendance.

VALA President John Fike

Mr. Fike will follow up with Ed Clodfelter on whether or not VALA members are eligible for a discount for the IAAO Text Book.

VLCT Steve Jeffries

  • A hand out was distributed regarding pending Legislative Bills.  There was an attempt to resurrect Bill H.87.
  • St. Albans had appeal that they lost and spent several $$ to defend on their own.  If there are towns with examples of cost of appeals/grand list $$ send to Steve Jeffries.  There were not a lot of responses to a survey that was sent out to Listers.  Need to know how many towns settle to avoid costs.  Also need to work better to obtain more responses.  Costs go up at the Court level.
  • Surprised to see that the rental/housing bill surface again.
  • The education property tax rate bill was passed by the House; however the Senate has not passed this bill yet.  Looking at a possible .9 cent increase for next year.
  • CU reform is now stuck in the Senate Agriculture Committee.
  • H.406 Bill has passed and is going to the Governor.
  • Please see VLCT Handout.
  • The Homestead/Non-Homestead rate is getting very close.

President John Fike


  • Mr. Fike reported that VLCT has the best description of all the Bills.
  • This is the time of year again to nominate the Lister of the Year.  Nomination forms will be available on Comp 60.  Need members to submit recommendations.  Nomination form/criteria will be available soon on web site.
  • Membership forms for the 2013-2014 membership years are now available on the VALA web site.
  • VALA members have become a much more recognized organization throughout Vermont.
  • VALA Directors will be receiving info and criteria for district recruitment.

Bruce Shield from Eden


Discussed 5 star energy homes—Bruce Shields from Eden suggested best way to handle is with the quality grade.  Discussed realtor values going up for solar/radiant heated homes.  It was suggested to take photos of foam insulation, etc. to demonstrate quality grade while work is still in progress.

PVR Bill Johnson

  • CU bill now includes a bigger penalty.
  • Eight towns are affected financially by appeals.  PV&R will sit down with Tom Vickery to discuss his Equalization Study.
  • Bill Smith is still doing work for PV&R.
  • Comp 60 electrical forms are posted.  The wholesale electric market has dropped.  The Utility Company(s) have agreed to adopt PV&R methodology.  2008-2009 shows a drop but is climbing back up.
  • Mary Jane has retired after 35 years with PV&R.  She contributed to Comp 60 and had a huge amount of knowledge.  She was a huge help and will be a huge loss.  Her range of knowledge and assessment law and administration was very large.  She will be hard to replace and will take some time.
  • Nancy Merrill has returned and will replace Cy Bailey as district advisor.
  • Go to the Tax Department Web Site to view a nice presentation by Doug Lay and Cy Bailey.
  • Please notify Elizabeth Hunt if management of CU properties does not follow forestry plan.  A few examples of large parcel owners who have been eliminated from CU were discussed.  Penalties now include parcels being eliminated from CU for five years and land valued at market value.


NEMRC Chris Miele

  • Acknowledged award recognizing Ed Clodfelter at the NE Regional Conference.
  • Discussed the possibility of having the NE Regional Conference in Vermont.  Conference Director indicated an interest in attending the Annual VALA Meeting.
  • Listers need to make sure live updates for Current Use are being done.
  • If a 411 Report cannot be produced there is a problem with Maintenance.
  • A Veteran’s Exemption misalignment causing problems with running reports.
  • NEMRC Committee Meeting to be held in next week or so.
  • There has been a lot of interest in the use of Tablets.
  • Discussed sharing of data, communication with town officials, etc.


Education Committee John Vickery

  • Feedback from TOEC indicated the participants enjoyed all the workshops.  Earlier start was problematic for those with children.  Always growing and learning something new each year. 


 Next Bi-Monthly Meeting will be July 10th, (pushed back one week due to the holiday).

Lisa Truchon from Lincoln motioned to adjourn the meeting and Louise Ferris- Burt from Bethel seconded the motion.
Meeting minutes respectfully submitted by,

Penny Allyn, Membership Chair





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