Vala’s Bi-monthly Director’s meeting was called to order by President John Fike at 9:00am.

There were 8 Directors and 5 Alternatives representing 11 counties (according to sign-up sheet).

The Secretary’s Report was approved by motion made by Nemrc’s Senior Appraiser Ed Clodfelter.  The motion was seconded and passed.

The Treasurer’s Report was distributed by Don Sweetser in its new format.  Babs Lynde from Westminster made a motion to approve the Treasurer’s Report.  The motion was seconded and passed.

Tom Vickery – Legislative Committee stated there is still ongoing discussion regarding the sharing of cost of appeals beyond the BCA by the State–there is the issue of the education tax liability.

The Current Use Coalition has really come together and hopefully things will get accomplished in the legistlature this year as a result of the committee’s efforts.

Education Committee Update – There will be 3 TOEC sites this year.  Possible workshops will address technology, and legislative topics.  John Vickery has been obtaining information from the surveys for topics.  Consensus from the group is that the popular Lister Roundtable should be run by Listers/VALA.

PVR is putting together their education schedule for 2013.

Penny Allyn – Membership Chair reported that VALA membership has currently 164 members representing 79 towns and 14 professionals.  The membership fund is $1,680 over last year with a total of $3,870 in membership fees as of January 8, 2013.  A packet of information is being put together for new members.

The website is updated and there were 88 new visitors to the website including ones from South Africa and Germany.

The newsletter is on the website and on the internet List Serve.  Lister Babs Lynde of Westminster is featured in this newsletter.

President John Fike reviewed the President’s Report.  NEMRC will be holding their Grand List Seminars in the spring and lots of changes have been made.  The 2012 cost tables are being tested.

VALA will be added to the amicus brief on leased land that VLCT has filed.

Mr. Fike expressed his goal to do ble the VALA membership.  Thus far there are only 30% of the towns that are VALA members – he would like to see that number raise  to at least 50%.

Tom Vickery discussed the Equalization Study.  Mr. Vickery has been putting data received from PVR into a format that can be analyzed by county.  The overall trend is consistency over counties but jumps and bumps among individual towns.  Perhaps a two year study would be more appropriate – would impact values.  Vala is hoping to meet with Bill Johnson PVR to suggest improvements to the study, not condemn it.  It was suggested that Utilities should will not be part of the Sales Study as they can greatly affect a town’s CLA.  As always, lack of sales data is a problem in most towns.

Respectfully submitted by,

Carol Hammond, Secretary





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