JULY 11, 2012

The bi-monthly VALA meeting was called to order by President John Fike at 9:00am.   There was not a quorum at the May 2nd meeting, therefore there were no minutes taken – only notes.

The Treasurer’s report was read and accepted on a motion from Ed Clodfelter.  The motion was seconded and passed.

VALA President John Fike – stated that VALA Newsletter is now archived on the website.

Members were asked if anyone had a new email address, to please let them know especially as it is getting closer to the Annual Meeting.  A speaker for the Annual Meeting is James Barlow, Senior Staff Attorney for VLCT who will address the issue of the BCA tax appeals.  There will be a Q&A session at the end of his comments.  If anyone has a second speaker or if a Lister Forum would be more to everyone’s liking, please email John Fike at

VCLA Steve Jeffrey – Stated there was not much to report this time, however it was suggested that VALA start thinking about legislative priorities for the next session.

Mr. Jeffrey stated the State billing and collection of the education taxes is dead for now.

Current Use update – The House is willing to make changes however, they die in the Senate.

Ed Clodfelter – Announced the IAAO Annual Meeting will be held in Kansas City on September 14th.  Members in attendance were provided the affiliate login to the IAAO website.  Mr. Clodfelter is now working full-time with NEMRC.  He stated he will be bringing some of his staff from APAS with him to NEMRC.  NEMRC will now be doing assessments which is a shift in focus for the organization.  Mr. Clodfelter and Mr. Chris Miele are still working on further enhancements for the CAMA Program.  There will be an IAAO class on Excel on August 6-7 and the instructor will be Mr. Larry Clark.

John Vickery Education Committee – Announced that Mr. Bob Estey will be conducting a VALA sponsored class on depreciation with a manual to be sent out in advance of the class.  Another class suggestion would be on the do’s and don’t of doing a reappraisal.

Mr. Bill Johnson PVR – Announced a return to the annual filing of the homestead/housesite was in the Miscellaneous Tax Bill.  Mr. Johnson felt the Grand List would deteriorate without the annual filing.  Next year will be a “soft” or transition year with 2014 seeing the return of strict adherence to the law.  The late-late date for filing will be moved from September 1st to October 15th which is the filing deadline for those taxpayers filing an extension.

There was extensive discussion on the assessment of alternative power sources.  The generation tax is based on name plate capacity and the State will take care of billing and collecting.  However, even if a town votes not to tax solar panels or a windmill, the land under the facility is still subject to the state education tax.

Covenant Housing valuation was briefly discussed and more will be coming out on the privacy issues-confidentiality-is not clearly written.

Michelle Wilson PVR – stated the percentage of lawyers utilizing the electronic property transfer form is still holding at about 39%.

VALA President John Fike – with consideration to VALA’s structure an overview was presented of other organizations and how they handle their day to day business as well as meetings, etc.   VALA’s meetings are rather a hybrid because according to the by-laws, the bi-monthly meetings are for the County Directors and/or alternates but are actually attended by whoever wants to come and voting is done by all members present.  VALA needs to retain relevance.  Mr. Fike’s position is to leave VALA a stronger organization than when he took the office of President.  There followed discussion of different areas of the by-laws that need changing and if the members should change from county to regional representation.  The consensus was to stay with the county directors and alternates.  With that decision made, the most urgent action that needs to be taken is to define the role and responsibilities of the county directors.

The suggesions that have been made at this and the May 2nd meeting will be compiled and a mailing will be done so that everyone can see what changes have been made.  It was stated that hopefully, much of this can be done, feedback received, and revisions made if necessary, in time for the annual meeting.

The meeting was adjourned at approximately 12:30pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Carol Hammond, VALA Secretary

Attendance 07/11/2012 were:

Randy Viens – Essex – Chittenden
Ed Clodfelter – NEMRC
Michelle Wilson – PV&R
Bill Johnson – PV&R
Martha Newton – PV&R
Gussie Graves – Fayston – Washington
Jean Audet – Orwell – Addison
Cheryl Tudhope – Orwell – Addison
Steve Jeffrey – VLCT
Carlton Domey – Cabot – Washington
Joyce Scribner – Manchester – Bennington
Pauline Moore – Manchester – Bennington
Teresa Godfrey – Brookfield – Orange
Patricia McNall – Fairfax – Franklin
Don Sweetser – Randolph – Orange
Lisa Truchon – Lincoln – Addison
Russell Collins – Fairlee – Orange
Noel Walker – Fairlee – Orange
Todd LeBlanc – S. Burlington – Chittenden
Babs Lynde – Westminster – Windham
Louise Ferris – Burt – Bethel – Windsor
Carol Hammond – Vernon – Windham
John Fike – Reading – Windsor
Pat French – Randolph – Orange
John Vickery – Burlington – Chittenden








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