I just arrived home from UVM Extension Workshops in Rutland and I took away two important observation.  First, Listers were there in great numbers.  They are getting involved to improve their Lister education and expertise.  Second, was the excellent quality of the Lister Workshops.  If you did not attend one of the workshops days you missed an opportunity for a good learning experience.

We are all looking forward to John Vickery, Todd LeBlanc and Lisa’s Truchon’s comments and feedback from the workshop surveys.

When VALA  meet’s in May the Legislative may have adjourned; Randy Viens and Tom Vickery will provide a wrap-up on Lister related legislation.

Penny Allyn is working with the membership committee to begin a marketing compaign to renew VALA memberships and to attract new members.  If every member town finds one new town to be a VALA member we could double our memberships.

Penny Allyn had a good webinar with Chuck Burt (our web guru) to learn more about inputting information on our web site.

Penny Allyn  distributed the Spring Newsletter in April.  She needs articles, photos, and any Lister related information for the summer issue.

The response for the Lister of the Year has been disappointing.  Carol Hammond will be using Comp 60 to get the word out for candidate recommendations.

Carol Hammond and I have been working to develop recommendations to up-date our By-Laws.  We plan to have an extended discussion on the By-Laws and the various issues that need to be addressed and voted on in order to meet the time table for the Annual Meeting.

Our Education Committee will be working on future Lister Education Classes.

VLCT has scheduled a May workshop on Navigating the BCA Appeal Process.  This workshop takes on additional importance in a declining real estate market.  I hope all of you go to the VLCT web site and register for this workshop.

John B. Fike
VALA President





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