• We began the New Year with the two successful ratio study classes in January taught by Bob Estey. The classes were well attended and we had excellent class survey feedback on class improvement ideas and subjects for future classes. Penny Allyn put in many hours working on the details that go on behind the scenes to make a successful class.  Thanks also goes to John Vickery for setting up the location and instructor.
  • VALA’s next education classes will be at the Vermont Extension TOEC meetings in April-Burlington April 4th, Fairlee April 10th  and Rutland April 18th. The VALA classes will be Deed Reading, and Record Retention. There will be more information on the Net as the time gets closer.
  • John and Todd will looking into other education topics for 2012
  • John will provide information on a Solar cost information website and free webinar


  • Randy will discuss H.237 Current Use-Senate Finance
  • H.217 Assessing Common Land if it Crosses a Town Line
  • John Vickery will provide an update on the Bill to share the cost of appeals
  • I will discuss my testimony on the  State Billing and Collecting the Education property tax- House Ways & Means Committee


  • Penny will provide updated information on our membership list- Currently 150 individual memberships
  • Penny will comment on the necessary preparations for  education classes
  • She will give a brief web update

The new dues structure communication campaign will begin in March to inform our members and non-members of the new dues structure and the benefits of VALA membership.


  • Galen and Carol may have an update report on any Bi-Law Changes for the Annual Meeting


  • Chris has put on the Web the information on their March Grand List Seminars-sign up early. You can go to their web site and register and get the agenda.
  • NEMRC –Chris continues to provide valuable webinars on relevant Lister topics. These webinars are archived for future viewing.


 Andy Werry -Northern New England Real Estate Network- Andy called about using our member mailing list to communicate to our members a sales data information program. I explained that the VALA Board would need to give approval to use our membership list. I will distribute a copy of his e-mail to discuss and give me direction.

VALA Executive Committee– I will distribute handouts on the recommendation for the formation of a VALA Executive Committee to produce and maintain short and long term strategic business planning. This committee would also provide a succession process to become vice president and president. The organization has grown in the last three years to the point that makes the formation of this committee essential to maintain VALA continued growth, momentum, and influence in the State of Vermont.

Submitted by: John Fike, VALA President


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