September 23, 2011 VALA President’s Annual Meeting Report


There were number goals and objectives set by the president for 2010-2011:


  • Develop a new web site


  • Finalize publishing the VALA Newsletter on a regular basis


  • Work with PVR to have a Lister Certification Program for the 2011 Annual Meeting


  • Develop an accurate VALA Membership list


  • Continue VALA’s advocacy visibility in the legislature


  • Revise VALA’s dues structure


  • Review of VALA’s scholarship program


  • Implement the NEMRC/CAMA committee enhancements for those towns using

this system


The results of these goals and objectives are outlined below:



The new web-site has taken much longer that we anticipated. The designer was working at home to design the site in his spare time to save money. Penny Allyn and me spent many hours looking at web-sites to find the most user friendly format. As of the first week in September we will have a comprehensive site layout. The next step is for Penny and I to work with Chuck Burt to input all the information. Penny will have an update at the annual meeting.



The newsletter is now published four times during the year-Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer. There has been excellent feed back from our members. Penny Allyn needs your news and comments to improve the publication.


Lister Certification Program

We did not meet this goal. The program has been a work in process at PVR for 3-4 years. I have been unsuccessful in getting the final product in 2010-2011. Lister Certification will again be one of my priority goals for 2011-2012.


Accurate Membership List

Carol Hammond, Penny Allyn, and I formed a membership committee to develop forms and spread sheets to ensure the accuracy of paid memberships. This list will be used to distribute selected VALA documents and information to paid members only.


Legislative Visibility

Tom Vickery and Randy Viens spent a busy year in the legislature as advocates for VALA. They worked with coalitions to develop new Current Use language. Only a small segment of their work was passed by the legislature. The Transparency Bill-H 73 did pass. Many bills in the first section did not move, but are still in the hopper.


Dues Restructure

The finance committee took a hard look at the $15/lister dues that have not changed in many years. About 50% of the $15 pays for your lunch at the annual meeting. The remaining $7.50 from approximately 124 members does not provide adequate VALA funding for the services you have expressed are need as VALA members. There will a new dues structure presented at the Annual meeting for the 2011-2012 Fiscal Year.


VALA Scholarship Program

John Vickery on the Education Committee has been researching the relevance of this program and will have a presentation at the Annual Meeting.


NEMRC/ CAMA Enhancements

All the enhancements that were on the committee’s punch list have been implemented


The Michael P. Cyprian Lister of the Year Award

The committee received eight candidates for 2011 award which is a record. The committee spent a great deal of time in reviewing the qualifications of all candidates before reaching consensus on the award winner. The winner will be announced at the annual meeting.


Annual Meeting Speakers

We have two outstanding presentations this year. Chad Roberge from Terra Map will demonstrate the need and uses of tax maps in the town offices. Kevin Bartlett from Real Data Corp will demonstrate the use of equalization study data in statistical research and analysis for a town and the state. In addition the Vermont Tax Commissioner will attend lunch and the afternoon session.


We had a reasonably good year in meeting our goals 2010-2011.  If you elect me as your president for 2011-2012, I will continue to work to improve VALA’s quality of service to its members.


Thank you for your continued VALA membership support.


John Fike, VALA President


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