2017/18 Committees and Officers

VALA 2017-18

Officers and Committee Members

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OFFICERS: President:  Camilla Roberts

Vice President:  Michelle Wilson

Secretary:  Cheryl Tudhope

Treasurer:  Joyce Scribner


COUNTY DELEGATES:  (click here for list)


Liaison with partner organizations:

PVR: Douglas Farnham

VLCT: Maura Carrol

NEMRC: Chris Miele




President and  Vice President:  facilitate meetings, responsible for fiscal balance and budgeting, designate and support committees and functions, communicate as spokesperson and network with partners..

Finance -Treasurer:   Maintain books and accounting, provide finance reports, assist with budget preparation .

Audit – Review books for accuracy, report within 60 days after fiscal year has concluded :

Pat McNall and Phyllis Heyward

By-laws –  review and update as needed:  President, Vice President, Secretary

Bi-monthly Meeting facility and refreshments – Reserve facility for meetings, provide refreshments ;  Pat French


maintain member information and dues while seeking to improve membership through regular communications.

Membership  – Manage membership annual registrations, receiving dues, maintaining a database of members

Coordinator:  Val Almosnino

Newsletter/Website – coordinate and produce quarterly newsletter / maintain website

Newsletter:  Jeremiah Sund        Website : Todd LeBlanc                  Articles and info:   Camilla Roberts


Education – plan, coordinate and execute education opportunities with VLCT & PVR

Coordinator:  Michelle Wilson       Karen Lemnah        Lisa Truchon

Annual Conference – plan and prepare for annual meeting/conference

Coordinator:  John Vickery           President,  Vice President and all others as needed!

Lister of the Year – seek  nominations, choose and award  LOTY

President,  Vice President,  Past President

Court Cases Resource – collect references to court cases that inform assessment and make available on the website

Coordinator: John Vickery            Pat French          Christie Wright     Randy Viens      Camilla Roberts


Legislative – follow proposed legislation relevant to assessment, inform Legislature as needed.

Coordinator: Randy Viens             Todd LeBlanc       Cheryl Tudhope     Walter Hastings


Equalization – evaluate and seek ways of improving the equalization process

Camilla Roberts                Todd LeBlanc

Tim Morrissey                   Doug Lay

Christy Wright

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