May 3 Meeting Minutes

VALA Meeting, May 3, 2017


The Quorum was met with the delegate count. The meeting commenced at 9:10 a.m. The March 1st minutes were read and approved.

Newsletter/Website: The president is aiming for a June newsletter. When clicking the links on website, click twice, links can be slow loading.   Todd will add IAAO and membership to website.

County Outreach: County Reps should try to keep in touch with VALA members in their respective counties.  E-mail is the easiest way to do this.  Make up a bulk e-mail of county members to make group e-mails easier.  Todd will try to get member information on website when time permits.

Annual Conference: Will be held in Rutland, September 29th at the Holiday Inn. Are there any ideas       for the annual conference? There may be training for new delegates.

Education: VALA is sponsoring 3 courses. Look at the VALA website under education, fill out the registration form and send it to Joyce.

TOEC- Did have good enrollment and it went well. The TOEC will be held in Fairlee and Rutland in 2018. IAAO website has free webinars for members.

Jean Spigle is asking for survey/protocols for emergency procedures in any towns. South Burlington HR person has procedures. Talk to VLCT also. This could be an idea for workshop safety.

Equalization: Tim Morrissy (Stowe) says procedures can be improved, but presently have not changed.

Treasurer: Joyce is fine tuning the budget. VALA fiscal year ends June 30. It was suggested “prepaid” column on next year’s budget.

Legislative:  Reviewed local government day. People were very friendly and Vala delegates talked to a few legislators. The committee suggested that more county delegates be present for that day. The bill that VALA has supported has progressed and is in committee.

Memberships:  Send checks to VALA for 2018 membership and the 2018 conference taking place September 29th in Rutland. Members need to register for the conference no later than September 15th. No walk-ins will be accepted for the annual conference.

Resource for Court Cases: e-mail John Vikery or Debra Leahy (Bethel).

NEMRC:  Chris Miele talked about the history tab, grand list, and homestead. Tax Department homestead point person is Judy Descoteaux once again.

PVR: Tax commissioner weighed in on education. They have been looking at the Equalization Study. There is volatility in smaller markets, as much as 2 to 3 times in smaller towns. They are looking at time trending.  Don’t call PVR on Wednesdays; phones are down. CU now has 3 permanent staff however, each now has more responsibility.

Dues: Dues need to be increased to promote the mission of VALA. This will be discussed at our next meeting.

Bylaws: The present changes are grammatical. Look for next meeting to discuss simplifying quorum. Make sure to read the bylaws before the next directors meeting. Presently, the President and VP are automatic committee members of every committee.

Assessment Policy: The Camilla suggested that we delete sec 1 and 2 in Article 9 ( leaving in sec 3).Look at website and read before August 2 meeting.

The date of the next delegate meeting was moved and seconded to be August 2, 2017. Some rewording was also suggested for Article 10.

Reviewed Budget: Pages of proposed dues and 2018 proposed budget were passed out. These are included at the end of these minutes. The mission of VALA is to promote Education. Look for and for courses and scholarships. It is important to look for the budget the day before the August 2 meeting.

Adjourned 12:10 Joyce Scribner moved, Michelle Wilson seconded.

Respectfully submitted

Cheryl Tudhope

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