Lister of the Year


2015 Michael P. Cyprian

Lister of the Year Award

Charles Mason-Lister

Town of Pawlet


VALA established the Michael P. Cyprian, Lister of the Year Award in 1991 to honor Listers and Assessors who demonstrate fairness to all, dedication, helpfulness, worked to improve the listing process and pursued better education for the assessment community,

The award is named for Michael P Cyprian who was the ‘Ultimate Lister’. He was active in his town, volunteering his expertise on many committees. He was well trained as a Lister and chose to become a professional appraiser. His integrity, his unquestioned fairness, and his ability to communicate with the townspeople, his sense of humor, and his high level of professionalism marked Michael’s eleven years as a Lister. He was an active VALA member and offered much Lister training.

The 2015 winner personifies the legacy of Michael P. Cyprian. Charles grew up in his home town and brings 80 years of personal historic information, as well as previous generations. His vast knowledge of the history of the community has been invaluable in solving parcel map questions, deed research, and finding boundary lines in the field.

Charlie, as he will know be recognized, has been a lister in the town of Pawlet for 16 years. Charlie has been tireless in improving, and educating the town officials and the public in the assessment process. Charles is a campaign for lister education, and continues to attend training classes. He has keen sense of lister procedure, duties, and responsibilities. He takes those responsibilities to heart, even outside the Lister office.


Charlie is continuing to encourage the town to stay on the cutting edge of technology with mapping, and was a driving force in setting up the GIS mapping for the town

Charlie is community minded, serving on the Cemetery Board, in the Grange, the church, school board, and senior groups.

Charlie has a farming background, and is very knowledgeable about the farming community in Pawlet. He has been very interested in the Vermont Current Use Program, and has collected data from Pawlet to determine the impact of OPAV and development rights on property owners.

His friendly demeanor encourages his fellow residents to discuss questions or problems they may have with their assessment to ensure accurate assessment values for the properties.

The other Pawlet Listers enjoy working with Charlie with his knowledge about the Town of Pawlet, its residents, and history.

Charles Mason will be the first annual recipient of the

“Steven Jeffrey Lister of the Year $250.00 Education Grant.”


John Fike, VALA President


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