Help Wanted – Help Available

This page is a clearing house for Municipalities seeking help with ongoing maintenance of their Grand Lists and for VALA members who wish to be listed as available to help Municipalities maintain their Grand List. 

City & Town of Barre

Click here for job description.

State of Vermont, PVR

Click here for job search window.  Enter the following job opening number in the search field:
623991 – Property Tax Specialist III (Current Use Program Specialist)
623992 – PVR Data Program Manager

Town of Essex, VT

The Town of Essex, VT is seeking a full time Assessor.
Click here for job posting.

Town of Alton, NH

The Town of Alton, NH is seeking a full time Assessor.
Click here for job posting.
Click here for link to posting on Alton website.

Town of Pawlet

The Town of Pawlet is seeking proposals for contract services for a qualified property assessor. Interested individuals must have property assessment experience in a community with a commercial and business presence, preferably in Vermont. Firms offering proposals must be approved under Rule 86-P65 of the Vermont Department of Property Valuation and Review.
Generally, duties will include preparing the annual grand list, updating assessments, hearing appeals, preparing information for the Board of Civil Authority, meeting with citizens, overseeing property re-appraisals as they are periodically required, all other related duties enumerated in Vermont Statutes (particularly Title 32). The Town completed a reappraisal in 2016. A more detailed RFP and Scope of Services is available at the Town Office.
The Town of Pawlet currently uses ProVal CAMA System and NEMRC software in its assessment process. Although an office presence of at least one day per week is desirable, the Town is open to a variety of arrangements as long as all assessment requirements are met. Position available immediately. Pawlet is an equal opportunity employer.
Please provide a cover letter, resume and professional contract proposals to: Town of Pawlet, PO Box 128, Pawlet, VT 05761 ATTN: John Malcolm
Questions and/or requests for additional information should be directed to John Malcolm of the Pawlet Selectboard.

Town of Norwich

The Town of Norwich Board of Lister’s is seeking proposals for appraisal services to assist them in maintaining the grandlist and perform other duties related to the Town’s assessing functions.

The detailed RFP, Scope of Services, and deadline are available on the Town of Norwich, VT website at

Chief Assessor – City of Claremont NH

***VALA is not vetting or recommending any individual consultants, only providing the opportunity to post the need. Towns must be prepared to follow through with appropriate information and proper procedures for hiring.
Towns seeking reappraisal bids should look to PVR for their list of approved reappraisal firms.

To post your town on the HELP WANTED page, email the following to

Town name, Scope of help needed, deadline to apply, Contact name with email and phone#.



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