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January 11, 2017 Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes

January 4, 2017 Meeting Agenda

January 4, 2017 Meeting Agenda (click for pdf. version)   BOARD OF DIRECTORS MEETING Wednesday, January 4, 2017   Proof of Quorum – Delegate Count Minutes – November 1016 meeting Committee review: – VALA COMMITTEES ACTIVITY SUMMARY since the November meeting. Here is a selection of committee news as provided by committee coordinators. More info […]

November 2016 Meeting Minutes

November 2016 Meeting Minutes (click for pdf version)   VALA MEETING MINUTES November 2, 2016 at Randolph, VT Call to order 9.06AM Quorum count..good Doug Farnham was asked to leave the room Camilla Roberts asked everyone if VALA should consider writing a letter concerning Doug Farnham’s good work as Director of Property Valuation and Review for […]

November 2, 2016 Directors Meeting Agenda

November 2, 2016 Directors Meeting Agenda   BOARD OF DIRECTORS MEETING Wednesday, November 2, 2016   Proof of Quorum – Delegate Count Minutes – March, May, July meetings – all are on website   Committee review: – Newsletter/Web Site/Brochure Update County Outreach Annual Meeting Committee Annual meeting minutes approved   Pres – Todd LeBlanc VP –  […]

July 6, 2016 Meeting Minutes – unapproved

VALA Minutes July 6, 2016   Randolph, VT   9:10 am – Todd went through the Counties to see if there is a Quorum.  It was short by one.  No official meeting at this point. Minutes – not discussed as not an official meeting. There was a brief discussion about membership.  Val had new forms and […]

July 6, 2016 Meeting Agenda

BOARD OF DIRECTORS MEETING Wednesday July 6, 2016  Agenda Secretary of the day will be chosen from the membership.   Proof of Quorum –Delegate Count Minutes – March & May minutes will be reviewed   Committee review: Newsletter/Web Site/Brochure Update – Jeremiah County Outreach –  Summer is Member recruitment time! Annual Meeting Committee – John […]

May 2016 Meeting Minutes (Unapproved)

May 2016 Meeting Minutes (Unapproved)     Vermont Assessors & Listers Meeting Wednesday, May 4, 2016 in Randolph Town Offices Minutes 9:00 Todd LeBlanc roll call of county delegates present. Said there are enough county delegates to have a meeting. Minutes: March 16 meeting, motion to hold off till next meeting by Phyllis Hayward, 2nd […]

March 2016 Meeting Minutes (unapproved)

March 2016 Meeting Minutes (unapproved) (CLICK HERE)   VALA MINUTES FOR MARCH 16TH 2016 Meeting began at 9am VALA President was not in attendance. Vice President Camilla Roberts took over the meeting. QUORUM: A total count of 11 county delegates and 4 board members present to make a quorum. MINUTES – Reviewed the secretary’s minutes of […]

May 4, 2016 Directors Meeting Agenda

VERMONT ASSESSORS & LISTERS BOARD OF DIRECTORS MEETING Wednesday May 4, 2016  9:00 am – 12:00pm RANDOLPH TOWN OFFICE, RANDOLPH, VT Tentative Agenda Secretary resigned – new secretary needed. Proof of Quorum –Delegate Count Minutes – March meeting   Committee review: (as needed)            Newsletter/Web Site/Brochure Update –       […]

February 2016 Meeting Minutes

February 3rd VALA Meeting Minutes 2016   President began the meeting at 9:00am We had proof of quorum of 12 county delegates including VALA board. Minutes for the January 6TH Directors meeting were brought forward- approved.   -Secretary amended the January 6th General Meeting minutes for an incorrect comment   Minutes for the January 6th […]

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