Lister Education Funds
From John Fike VALA President

Several Listers recently contacted me regarding a recent memo that was sent to the Towns’ Treasurers indicating that the Lister Education Funds were sent in error for 2015. This information created confusion with Listers because they had not received a copy of the memo.  Jim Knapp and I had an extensive conversation about this Lister Education Fund Issue. The summary below will provide Listers an explanation about the payment issue.

Near the end of 2014 The Finance and Management Dept. made a decision. Since the source of the Lister Education Funds is the State Education Fund, obtaining these funds falls under the Grant Program. The methodology of receiving funds under this program requires a written and signed grant agreement with the Town and PV&R. There is also a follow up procedure required on the use of these funds.

Before Jim could address this issue, the Lister Education Funds were sent out in error for 2015. The quick fix to correct this error was to subtract the money sent to the towns for Lister education from the $9.50/ parcel for GL maintenance and reappraisals. When the education per parcel amount received is added to the GL/Reappraisal amount receive the total will equal the $9.50/ parcel.

What will happen short term for the Lister Education Funds? PV& R will probably need to send out the Grand Documents to be signed by the Town Treasurer. Jim is having an appeal document put together to delay implementation for a year or make the process less onerous.  Tax is also exploring a possible solution where Towns can request reimbursement for actual expenses paid for education up the amount allocated to that Town for Lister education.  Both options are being explored.

Jim has several excellent ideas to make the process more efficient and accountable for everyone. He will need time to create the Bill Language that the Legislature can act on.

Jim needs every Lister’s cooperation and support as he works though this issue. When your town’s financial officer receives the documents make sure they are completed and returned promptly.

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