The 2015 VALA organization enjoys many benefits from expanding memberships in additional to financial sustainability. The attendance at the 2014 Annual meeting 100+/- and our January 2015 Bimonthly Meeting was attended by more than 40 members. These events reflect VALA’s expanded base.

The positive results of increased membership participation, is more diversity of ideas, issues, and opinions. Debates from this diversity must be encouraged to maintain a healthy and relevant organization. Too often non-profits that fail to change become irrelevant and extinct.

The January VALA General Meeting discussions gave us a snapshot of the Assessing and Listing issues that impact our profession in 2015.Many of these issues were not present when VALA was organized more than 25 years ago.

The issues that were included in Tom Vickery’s presentation went beyond the Mission Statement and Organization Objectives set forth in VALA’s founding documents.

The excellent discussions, positions, and votes of our members in areas that were not specifically within the scope of the mission statement illustrate the expanding issues that Assessors and Listers feel are important today.   The approved motions provide direction for our Directors, Officers, and Committee to use in legislative discussions, and with other State-wide advocacy organizations.

I have included in the Winter Newsletter the VALA Mission Statement and objectives for members to review. Opportunities for discussion will be provided in the next several bimonthly meetings to discuss any changes that the membership  feel are important to better reflect the Assessing and Lister environment in 2015 and beyond.

John Fike, VALA President


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