Vermont towns recently received their town’s 2013 equalization study, and we hope all of you have carefully reviewed the results.

In 2103, the VALA Equalization Study Committee met with PV&R and reviewed some suggested recommendations to update the process. We will continue to work with PVR in 2014 to identify common areas of agreement to improve the process parameters.

In our PVR meeting we discussed items such as updating category descriptions, category parameters, and the number of years used in the study.

We would like to use some current towns’ 2013 equalization studies to compare the results of the town’s study with a test study using the suggested recommendations of the VALA Equalization Study Committee.

Tom Vickery has volunteered to chair the project. His parameters are for small towns (less than 1000 parcels), and towns that have serious questions on the validity of their study. This only applies to towns that have decided on an appeal to PVR for a redetermination of their EEPV and/or COD on the recent 2013 Equalization Study.

You can contact Tom at his e-mail address, tvickery@townofstowevermont.org, or write to Tom Vickery 51 South Main Street, Waterbury, VT 05676, or call 802.244.1013 on Tuesdays or Thursdays.

Tom will review your information to determine if the VALA Committee can use your equalization study in making a meaningful comparison using the suggested recommendations. He will need a copy your PVR study showing the sales data and the Computation Sheet summary.

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