You & Your VALA Organization

You & Your VALA Organization

The health of any organization is measured by the services to its members and an expanding membership. Your VALA Board of Directors, Officers, and Committee Chairs have spent the past year improving services to our membership. The following is a service summary:

Vermont Legislation– Your president and the Legislative Committee spent many days in Montpelier testifying on a number of bills that would impact Listers and Assessors.

Communications- Internet communications was a high priority throughout the legislative session. Emails legislative up dates to our members and their responses were weekly and sometimes daily events.

Collaborations– Your Legislative Committee members were active participants working with other groups to have an impact on legislation. As a result of the committee’s work these collaborations will continue in the next session.

Newsletter- The VALA Newsletter was initiated and we are now preparing our third publication. This is your newsletter. We are always looking for your suggestions to improve the quality of content and article contributors.

Mass Appraisal and Tax Software– We were able to get PVR budget funding for the NEMRC/ Microsolve/ VALA enhancement and improvement list, and look to implement the list items over the next few months.

Membership- We need more members! I am asking every member to contact Listers in their neighboring towns and invite them to the annual meeting with their membership dues. I will also be contacting the County Reps and ask them to make contact with town Listers in their areas to invite them with their dues. The above accomplishments demonstrate that VALA is an organization that makes a difference and serves the interests of their membership. Membership dues are a good investment. I know I can count on each of you to make this a year with a record membership.


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